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The foundation of Burke College Consulting is crafting a comprehensive list of colleges that a student will apply to that provide a good fit for each individual student while balancing identified priorities. This process includes self-exploration on the part of the student, identifying key college criteria individual to each student and considering the probability of admission as well as college finances. Each student will craft a balanced list of schools that they are likely to be admitted to, target schools, and a few "reach" schools. I strongly support students in applying to "reach" schools but not at the expense of a well researched list of more attainable schools where they would be happy to attend.


Burke College Consulting helps maximize the potential of the college essay to help college admissions readers learn about each student as a unique individual. This process includes assistance in brainstorming essay topics, drafting essay outlines, choosing essay prompts, and editing essay drafts to achieve a polished college essay. The student will receive an overview of different types of essays and writing in college applications and strategies to use depending on the type of essay. The student will use Essay Management Software to streamline both the process and organization of college essays which can become overwhelming. 


Burke College Consulting offers high school course planning for 9th-12th grade in preparation for college. Students need to balance multiple priorities in planning their high school courses including meeting high school graduation requirements and State of California a-g requirements, completing courses to prepare for a particular college major, or carefully choosing where to add rigor in the high school course schedule with AP and Honors courses where the student will be successful while also allowing time for extracurricular activities.


A discussion of finances occurs throughout every step of the college planning process. College cost is an integral part of developing a balanced college list. All college lists are crafted with consideration for finances and overall cost. The student will receive an overview of the financial aid process, including  an explanation of need-based financial aid versus merit aid as well as dates and deadlines for applying for need-based financial aid. The goal is for the student and their family to understand the costs and aid available and the process for applying for financial aid. Burke College Consulting does not offer financial planning advice nor do I assist in outside scholarship searches.


Service Prices

Initial Consultation*


30 Minute Session

Brief Overview of College Counseling Services

Assess if Counselor and Student are a Good Fit

*Must book initial consultation first before purchasing other packages. $50 will be credited to any additional packages purchased after meeting


8th, 9th & 10th Grade Consultation


Per Hour

1 Hour Session

High School Course Planning for College

11th & 12th Grade Consultation


1 1/2 Hour College Consultation

High School Transcript Review


Overview of College Admissions Process

College List Building

Standardized Testing Overview and Plan

Web-Based College Planning Software Account

Essay Management Software

Dates and Deadlines

Additional Services


Per Hour

1 Hour Session

Essay Development

Application Review

Decision-Making Support

Booking Instructions

Students must book a 30-minute consultation before purchasing any packages or additional services. If the student chooses to continue with additional services, the $50 consultation fee will be credited to those packages. Students must book the 11th and 12th grade consultation prior to booking additional hourly services. Please email Susan Burke at to schedule an initial consultation.

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