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College Planning


Currently Full for High School Class of 2024 (Current Seniors)and High School Class of 2025 (Current Juniors)

Guiding high school students through the entire college planning and application process from start to finish. With careful planning and thoughtful consideration, you and your family can make well-informed decisions that will help you gain admission to a college where you can be successful. During the pandemic Burke College Consulting transitioned to working virtually through Zoom. This transition has worked well and will continue to be the meeting platform going forward.

List Building

Burke College Consulting  (BCC) will help students craft a comprehensive list of colleges that would be a good fit for the individual student while balancing certain priorities. This process includes self-exploration, identifying key college criteria, and considering the probability of admission while factoring in college finances.

College Essays

BCC  will assist students with their college essay to its maximum potential and allow college admissions readers to learn about each student as a unique individual. BCC will help students brainstorm effective essay topics, choose which essay prompts to respond to, outline their essays, and review drafts to create a polished essay.

High School Course Planning

BCC  is available to grades 9-12 for high school course planning in preparation for college. BCC will help students balance multiple priorities in planning their high school courses including meeting State of California a-g requirements, completing courses to prepare for a particular college major, and carefully selecting AP and Honors courses.


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College Consulting

Burke College Consulting provides counseling throughout the entire college planning and application process with a focus on helping students learn about themselves, the college options that are available to them and finding the best "fit." Burke College Consulting  will meet the student where they are at, beginning with assessments to identify interests and skills and explore college majors and careers that complement each unique individual. Personal exploration, identifying college priorities, and researching specific majors at individual colleges are key components of the college research process. The goal for each student is to apply to a carefully planned list of colleges that take into consideration all of these factors and where they have a good chance of being admitted. Students will have many choices at the end of the process.

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